All You Need To know About French Bulldogs Before Getting One.
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Having and bad day? Frenchies will always give a reason to be happy with their cheerfulness. Get one but before that learn more about frenchies.

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Fill you house with much love and excitement. These pups will always keep you energized and happy. Get in touch now!!!

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Welcome to Lisas Homebred Bulldogs

We are a family owned and operated breeder of quality French Bulldog and English Bulldog puppies.

We would like you to take a click around and see our gorgeous puppies. We have been raising these bundles of joy for some few years now, so you’re sure to get the very best. Our obligation does not stop when you buy one of our puppies. We will be here for as long as you need us, so if you have a problem down the road maybe we will be of some help. I will be here 24 hours a day. There will be lots of things you may not be sure of, just call or e-mail and we will get through this together.

Our Mission is to raise healthy puppies to bring love and joy into people’s homes and hearts across the US, Canada and other parts across the world. Puppies can brighten someone’s day.

French Bulldogs and English Bulldogs demand a lot of attention and affection. If you do not want that, then these puppies are not for you.

We hand-raise all of our puppies. My home is usually full of puppies, all running around and playing. But, when playtime is over, they all have their playpens to sleep in. That is for the safety and protection of them and you. These puppies are very inquisitive and love to investigate everything. So for their protection they need a place where they can be safe. After all you can’t watch them every minute of every single day. I suggest a baby playpen (mesh) you can find them at discount stores such as Wal-Mart and K-Mart, or even at garage sales, rummage sales, or flea markets. Please contact us for any question if you have any.

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French Bulldogs

Pure and healthy French bulldog breeds. We are the best French and English bulldog breeders

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Pure and healthy English bulldog breeds. We are the best English and French bulldog breeders


Client Photo
Rebecca Johnson NY

We lost our yellow lab in December and our home was so empty so we decided to look for a puppy! I found Purebreedpets and found the cutest French Bulldog name Sam in Pa! I contacted the breeder and paid for him to be delivered!! Breeder Lisa was great with sending me information and pictures of our baby girl we name Stormi ! We fell in love with her she is so friendly easy going fast learner we love our baby girl ! Today the vet gave her a clean bill of health we could not be happier! Thank you Lisa and Purebreedpets!!

Client Photo
Eric Gunner OH

The breeder was very nice and very flexible for what time we could receive our puppy. I would recommend her as a breeder. Jeanie our English Bulldog is very healthy and weighs 70 pounds, and she lives with our Shiba Inu. Also Jeanie is now named Maka, from the anime soul eater.

Client Photo
Derick Banes TX

We adopted our girl Coco from Lisa in PA. The breeder was very friendly and the puppy was well taken care of. We have had the puppy home for 1 day now and she transitioned very easily. I would definitely use this Purebreedpets again.

Client Photo
Claris Biggs IL

Just wanted to say it was such a pleasant experience working with Purebreedpets and Lisa! We are in love with our French Bulldog! She has such a wonderful temperament, is great with my young children, and is even mostly trained. I appreciate all the time and effort Lisa took in answering my questions and even checking in with us once we brought her home.

Client Photo
Jay Jay CA

I am very pleased with my experience with purebreedpets! We brought our new puppy home and he has been such a joy. The most friendly and loving French Bulldog ever! The breeder was friendly, open, and honest. An overall wonderful experience.

Client Photo
Jennifer Woods PA

We love love love our new puppy she definitely came from a place of love and care. Her breeder was very kind and made our adoption process so easy. I would definitely recommend and use purebreedpets again in the future.

Client Photo
Abbey K ID

We got a 4 months French Bulldog (Zeus) from PA in February from Lisa the owner of purebreedpets. She was the best! She answered all our questions provided us with the puppy’s medical records. I was satisfied. She was very nice and friendly. My puppy is now 5 months old turning 6 soon and he is the biggest sweetest mama’s boy. Thank you Lisa🙂

Client Photo
Larry Hump NV

Our English Bulldog Puppy, came to our family at 3 months old! She has been a ball of energy and we are so happy to have her. The process of getting her was easy and was always in great communication with her breeder. She had all her shots and was healthy as can be when we took her to the vet ourselves.

Client Photo
Kiki Polski WA

I was hesitant to get a puppy online but we could not have been more pleased with purebreedpets. The breeder was exceptionally responsive. All questions were answered promptly and fully. Everything about the communication, delivery, payment, and paperwork (health and shot records, AKC) was handled easily and professionally. Our pup came via airline at 14 weeks and is adorable and growing like a weed at 7 months. She came to us just as promised, healthy and well socialized. She was so well handled that she was super easy to train. Don’t hesitate to use this website to find your special best friend!

Client Photo
Evelyn Grecc DV

Thank you purebreedpets and Lisa in giving us our little Cooper. We are so in love with him. It’s been many years since my husband and I have had a dog. Cooper is doing amazing, we have him two weeks and he’s sleeping through the night, he’s learned how to sit and knows what treats are. We are still learning to come, and bell training with going outside, but he’s doing great at this too. He’s a little shy and still gets scares by sounds. He loves to snuggle and our two kitties are really getting used to him and doing wonderful. We couldn’t been more happier to have this little guy as part of our family. Thank you so much !

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